German Parliament bans the use of Burqas


Recently, members of Germany`s lower house of Parliament have approved a law that partially bans the full-face Islamic veil which in arabic is called burqa. Last December, Chancellor Angela Merkel called for a ban on full-face veils wherever legally possible, saying they were not appropriate in her country.

In February, the state of Bavaria announced plans to ban burqas in government workplaces, schools, universities and while driving. The plans have been completed which is to take effect in no time.

The ban will prevent civil servants, judges and soldiers from wearing burqas at work or around the community.

After the approval, Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said the move to ban the burqa showed how far tolerance towards other cultures would go in Germany. He wasn’t impressed with the move.

In response to the ban, a Muslim sister, Zeenat Shittu said:
“To me this is a violation of the freedom to religion. The country has no right whatsoever to pass laws that will affect the religion of the people. Any fear or discrimination they have with the burqa should be sorted out in other ways not by banning its usage. They should underatand that it’s part of the religion Islam and not just an ordinary garment worn”

In addition, one of the concerned, Fatimah Salawu said:
“It is wrong for Germany to ban of burqa because it is part of the religion. If people dress like muslims to harm does not mean they are muslims. Anyone can also dress like the catholic sisters to harm, that does not also mean they are christians.”

It has been disclosed that Right-wing parties want Germany to emulate France where a total ban on wearing burqas in public places as has been in force since 2011. However, the ban of burqa in France have not stop the act of terrorism. Numerous reports about terrorist attacks had flooded and still flooding the social media. This is a confirmation that banning of burqa is never the solution to stop terrorism but rather to stop Islam which could never occur.

However, more than a million migrants including many Middle Eastern Muslims, have entered Germany over the last 18 months. This is also applicable to the Christians.

One of the government officials explained that the move follows several terror attacks, including the one on a Berlin Christmas market that claimed 12 lives. There is no confirmation that the terrorists were Muslims or even with burqa.

France, Austria, Belgium and Turkey have all imposed a ban in certain public spaces. Also, Legislation supporting a ban is in progress in the Netherlands, while local bans apply in other nations including Denmark, Russia, Spain and Switzerland.

There is a wide range camouflage that the ban of burqa is as a result of its use to terrorize the people. Looking with the inner eyes is a deeper reason. However, there is need for every country to be religiously tolerance in order for love and peace to prevail.

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