46 suspects arrested over mosque suicide attack in Saudi Arabia


In July 2016, Four security officers were killed and five others wounded in a suicide attack outside one of Islam’s holiest sites, Saudi Arabia’s interior ministry said. The bombing at the Prophet’s Mosque in the city of Medina was the third attack to hit the kingdom, following blasts in the cities of Jeddah and Qatif.

Recently, Saudi Arabia said it had arrested 46 members of a terrorist cell in neighborhood of Al-Harazat in Jeddah who were responsible for a suicide bombing on the Prophet’s Mosque in the holy city of Madinah last year. This attack was said to have killed many Muslims in the state.

It was explained that four security personnel were killed when a suicide bomber blew up himself outside the mosque in July in a deadly attack which was widely blamed on Daesh terrorist group.

In addition, an Interior Ministry spokesman said the dismantled cell included 14 foreigners and 32 Saudi citizens, according to the official SPA news agency. He further said the cell had provided the explosive belt used by the bomber in the attack on the Prophet’s Mosque. He expressed how disappointed he was for such act to have been carried out by the members and residents of the state.

The suspects were charged with numerous offences. The charges against those arrested included intent to target worshipers at the Prophet’s Mosque, carrying out a deadly attack near a mosque close to the US Consulate in Jeddah, and the murder of a cell member who they suspected intended to hand himself over to the security services. These charges are filed by the judiciary arm which hold the case at court.

However, it was confirmed that a carpet found at the site in Al-Harazat led to the discovery of the body of the murdered suspected terrorist, Saudi national Mutea’ Al-Sayari. His death has little or no value to the investigation but a precious life lost to the hands of evil.

Among the 46 arrested, 32 are Saudi Arabians while the remaining 14 are nationals of Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Egypt, Jordan and Sudan. As a matter of fact, Saudi Arabian government was highly disappointed after the confirmation that the majority of the suspects are from the country. It wondered why they had chosen to hurt their brothers.

As part of their allegations, investigation had proven that the cell was also responsible for deadly bomb attack on a hospital in the port city of Jeddah. It is reported that investigation is still being carried out on the case which is hoped to bring out the hidden truth.

Saudi Arabia government has appealed to its citizens to maintain peace and order. It further encouraged brotherliness as it is the only visa to sustainable peace and development in the country.

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