Nigerians are worried about their president’s frequent medical trips


President Buhari is said to have travelled to London for a follow up on his medical treatment. This act has made some Nigerians to question the government with the believe that people might suffer.

Recently, there have been controversies on whether the president should step down from power or not. Speaking with some of the patriotic citizens of Nigeria, Stella Oyekunle said:

” I think he should not step down yet, (for political and security reasons) but he should handover power to his VP. But looking at it from the financial situation of the country, it will be better for him to step down knowing that his health bills and trips abroad comes from tax payers fund”

Also, Iyanuoluwa Oderinde believed that the president’s absence has affected fund expenditure, thereby giving room for misappropriation of funds:

“Truth is we don’t hate Mr. President, we loving him, means he has to take proper care of his health/life…and while he’s doing that, we as a nation can’t be held to ransom…take for instance the presented budget, which I’m sure Mr. President never saw, filled with padding and outright pilfering of public money, and definitely concocted by the ‘cabal’. In light of this, Mr. President should do the best for his life, integrity, and nation by stepping down.”

Contrary to some views, Abiola Salawu believes that steping down shouldn’t be the next option for the president. He said:
“Travelling to seek for medical care is not a new affair in Nigeria political world. Mr president is sick of which I don’t think any human can avoid. We can all fall sick. But d question here is the issue of ‘capacitation’. For example, a man with 1 hand cannot function as a field soldier but can function well as a class teacher. For now I think he need not step down because he has not been medicallly declared incapable.This issue of step down is just a stunt from the opposition. Let’s just pray he get well soon.”

Mr Dele also stated that age is a factor that’s affecting the president’s health status;

“Such health issue will continue to be on the front burner, we all know the president’s age before we elected him into office, so why shud we be surprised if he visits the hospital frequently?”

Global Youth Peace Empowerment and Development Initiative (OGYPEDI) also called on President Muhammadu Buhari to step down to enable him concentrate on his failing health. The initiative believe it is the best option for now.

Nigerians are really worried about the president’s health. Despite his troubled health status, his duties were duely performed. He officially handed over power to the vice president, Osinbajo who is presently doing well. Nigerians await his return soon and wish him well.

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