World’s largest handwritten Quran: Egyptian aims for record


There is always a way to get down with supernatural and extraordinary acts. Despite dropping out of school in fifth grade and going ahead to educate himself through reading, an Egyptian man is aiming for an exceptional writing honour. This supernatural act is taking quit a number of years to get it ready.

Sa’ad Mohammed is putting together what is on record to be the world’s largest handwritten Quran. This record will be the best of its kind ever.

It was confirmed that Mohammed is always passionate about reading and writing. He further said that he spent year after year working on his craft – despite having no support from those around him. Over a three-year period, he has been able to produce a 700 meters long copy of the Quran written on paper despite the challenges. This is a huge task which requires a great deal of devotion, hardwork and focus.

He said:

“This Quran is 700 meters long, and of course that’s a large amount in paper, and it’s very heavy, so of course it was very difficult for it to be produced in paper, but I was determined to have it be produced in paper, and no other material.”

In addition, he identifies funds and space as his biggest challenges as he continues his quest to put together a perfect copy of the Holy book of the Muslim faith. He assured that soon enough, the world will see what he is capable of doing.

“so that it’s difficult for anyone else (to produce), and of course I self-funded this project for the past three years – and I’m a regular person. I don’t have assets or anything,” he said.

With hopes high, he believes that his masterpiece will make it into the history books (world book of record). However, it has been confirmed that there is so far no record holder for the largest handwritten Quran. Mohammed hopes to be the first to be stamped on this record with his work.

Similarly, Saad, who lives in the town of Belqina, north of the capital, Cairo; has hand-painted Islamic motifs on the walls and ceilings of his home. He displays the carefully decorated manuscript in a large wooden box with rollers at each end.

He has been reported by friends and family members as being highly creative despite his level of education. Most of them were amazed at such act. They also wondered why he has chosen to work on that project for a long time

” I have no money to give to God, this is the only way I can appreciate Him,” Mohammed said.

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