“I will continue investing in projects that leave no part of the country behind” – Kenya president says


President Uhuru Kenyatta has so far invested in many sectors of the country which has eventually turned the country around. He said he is a leader of all Kenyans, 45 million-strong, and he will continue investing in projects that leave no part of the country behind.

The President emphasized that he is ready and determined to ensure that virtually all Kenyans have equal access to opportunities that will positively turn their lives around.

“The projects we are implementing – ranging from infrastructure, provision of electricity and modern medical equipment to free maternity and paying exams fees for candidates in primary and secondary schools – are all aimed at ensuring that there is equity and no part of the country lags behind in development,” President Kenyatta said.

Similarly, it was confirmed that while the President was addressing a highly-charged public rally in Isiolo town, all political parties in the County declared their support to him even as they compete among themselves for various elective posts in the August polls. This support made the president ready and willing to do more for the country.

The President used the opportunity to castigate the opposition for issuing threats to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, IEBC saying Kenya is a country that cannot be intimidated and that such act is uncalled for.

“All citizens have a right to elect leaders of their choice and they should not be coerced to do so,” said President Kenyatta said as he pitched for his re-election.

In addition, President Kenyatta urged local leaders to conduct peaceful campaigns, saying peace was key to progress. He further said that violence should be the last thing on their minds.

At the same time, the president warned principals and heads of public schools in Isiolo and other drought-stricken areas not to send students home for lack of school fees. He stated that the Government would provide relief food under the food for fees program to cater for the fees of needy students in arid and semi-arid counties. This brought joy to the needy parents.

In tolerating other religion, the president stated that as the month of Ramadan approaches, the waive duty on dates will remain in place to facilitate the Kenya Muslim community in fulfilling their religious obligations. This is a good set example of religious tolerance.

It was reported that the rally was attended by Isiolo leaders including Governor Godana Doyo, who is defending his seat on the Jubilee-friendly Party of Development Reforms, and Senator Mohamed Kuti among others. Aside these people, it was confirmed that there was a long list of people present at the rally.

President Kenyatta chaired a leaders’ meeting which took place before the rally. At this meeting, the county’s development agenda was discussed which was concluded successfully.

As part of the successes, President Uhuru Kenyatta was able to reach out to Benin in his latest quest to expand the export market for Kenya’s products, including coffee, tea and fresh produce. This will no doubt develop the manufacturing sector and also generate more revenue to develop the country.

The President was said to have discussed with President Patrice Talon of Benin during a seminar that focused on deepening economic ties between Kenya and the West African nation. However, Kenya government is ready and willing to do all it takes to ensure economic growth and development.

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