Photo-selfie of Nigerian super Actor, Emeka Iyke with Africa’s football legend, George Weah is everywhere on the internet and had since been generating responses across board. The picture reminds one of the football life of striker who has successfully hitch his name on the sand of time. African can never forget George Weah –their pride, who retired from professional football as a revered striker and footballer with a difference.

As Emeka’s selfie with him flood the internet, one is drawn back to revisit his football career achievements. Among the few personalities in history who remained relevant outside whatever career they retired from, is the Liberian super son and senator. This is not allowing one’s background to put one’s back on the ground.

George weah, in 1995 presented Africa with her first Ballon d’Or award, after emerging as the FIFA World Player of the year. Memories of this extraordinary footballer cannot be erased in the history of football legends from Africa. George Weah will always serve as reference point. Little wonder the movie veteran could not resist a selfie with him.

For those who don’t know, Ballon d’Or is the highest award a player can be so honoured in a stretch of a football calendar year. This further indicates that the award is not one to be achieved by mere professionalism. Expertise and differentiability is key, here. Therefore, as a senator serving his people, he has proved once again to the world that focus and goodwill are essentials for greatness in life. God bless George Weah!


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