Kenya sets to move africa’s tallest building from South Africa home.


On Tuesday in Nairobi’s Upper Hill area, President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta is setting another record as he laid the foundation stone for the tower that will be the tallest building in Africa once completed. The 900 feet tower will clearly shoot into the sky above the existing 732 feet Carlton Centre in South Africa, which is currently sitting as the tallest building on the African soil.

The president expressed his excitement over the commencement of the execution of the construction on his official twitter account: “I also laid the foundation stone for the Pinnacle Tower, a 70-storey building which will be the tallest tower in Africa.” He declared.

He appreciated the developer companies (Hass Petroleum and White Lotus) for believing in Kenya and their wiliness to invest accordingly. “Your choice to invest in Kenya is, indeed, a clear vote of confidence in the policy reforms we have been implementing in the recent past to make Kenya attractive and competitive and to reposition our tourism,” the first citizen said.

With this, Nairobi will no doubt become one of the great sights in the world as it will housing the first and third tallest building in Africa. As on the master plan, the tower will comprise of a 3-floor basement parking, 3-floor luxury mall, game zone, 200 residential houses, helipad, 70-floors including a 45-floor Hilton Hotel, 20-floors of offices and Africa’s highest viewing deck. As the world look forward to the completion of this capital project, quotation published is estimated to cost about $200 million for its complete execution.


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