Ramadan: Food stuffs, clothes and cash donated to 25,000 Orphans in Zamfara, Nigeria


Nigeria has promised to exercise ramadan in a grand style. Most muslim leaders in the country are in it to assist the poor. They believe it is a way to show love to people.

Recently, Zamfara Government donated foodstuffs, clothing materials and cash to over 25,000 orphans, widows and the poor for this year’s Ramadan period. This act brought smiles to the people’s faces.

Governor Abdul’aziz Yari made the symbolic presentation to some of the beneficiaries at the Zakkat Board premises in Gusau. This presentation made a confirmation that the poor, widow, and the orphans stand a chance of having a spectacular Ramadan.

Most Nigerians believe that Ramadan is a month filled with love and forgiveness. It shouldn’t just be about the fast, it should come with a pure heart . “We should help the poor, love our neighbours, seek for forgiveness from God and do alot of good deeds such as tilawah of the qur’an, midnight prayers, among others” a Nigerian Muslim said.

Raising the money for the deed was being strategised. The governor said the money was raised through the two per cent deduction made on all contracts from the state government. He also said that the mandatory Zakkat contributions by Muslims also added to the fund.

The government of zamfara also confirmed that each female beneficiary would collect a bundle of wrapper while five yards of Shadda brocade will be given to each male. This is a way to fulfill the clothing charity as stated. Children will also be given clothes as many were noted to lack shelter.

In order not to worry for tailoring expenses, Yari said that they would also be given enough money to sew the clothes with which they can celebrate Eid el Kabir Sallah festival coming up in less than a month. Many of the beneficiaries confirmed that they had no preparation for the Eid celebration adding that with the government’s clothing assistance, Salah will be celebrated in a grand style.

In addition, the governor said each family would collect bags of assorted grains including rice, millet as well as sugar for the fasting. He further encouraged the wealthy muslims in the state to continue to bring their Zakkat to the board for onward distribution to the less privileged.

It was reported that the government has embarked on supporting the poor for some years. The Executive Secretary of the board, Alhaji Bashir Liman said the state government selects genuine cases annually for the support. This support has helped many to stand and become independent to sustain themselves.

Similarly, the executive secretary, who commended the state governor for approving an increase in the number of beneficiaries said, “if this will continue, the state is on its way to eradicating poverty.” He further said that the rich in the society should emulate the same act so as to enhance economic growth in the country.

Zamfara state government as made the distribution of foodstuffs and clothing materials an annual event in the state, where the needy and orphans are given a sense of belonging. “If the government of other states can resolve to this genuine deed, the country will be a better place to live for the poor,” said a beneficiary in Zamfara state.

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