Mozambican president holds a peace talk with the Minor Parties for sustainability


Africans are working towards allowing peace to reign all over the continent. Conflicts has taken a place but peace can actually sweep it off. Many African leaders have been reported to have campaigned for peace as they believe it is the only ticket to Africa’s growth and development.

Recently, Mozambican President, Filipe Nyusi on Monday met with representatives of several minor political parties. He talked about peace making and sustainability. It was confirmed that none of them hold any seats in the Mozambican parliament, the Assembly of the Republic. The president feels that their lack of seat might be the reason for the initiation of violence in the country. The peace talk was held as a result of the conflict caused by the parties.

However, 26 minor political parties took part in the 2014 parliamentary elections. The best result that any of them achieved was 0.21 per cent. Several received less than 0.1 per cent of the vote. One group, calling itself the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) only stood candidates in Maputo City, where it won just 158 votes – as a percentage of the national vote, this rounded down to 0.00 per cent.

Also, last week, Dhlakama, a Mozambican politician and the leader of RENAMO, complained of slowness in the withdrawal of the armed forces from positions in the central district of Gorongosa, where he is currently living in a Renamo military base.

The president responded:
“It is not easy to pull out of a base that has been occupied for many months”, he said. “You have to take all the equipment with you”. However, Nyusi had remained in discussions with Dhlakama who had made suggestions about how to make the procedure more flexible.

In addition, Nyusi said this was also a matter to be discussed within the working group on military matters set up by the government and Renamo. He insisted that both groups should work together to make peace reign.

After 20 years of peace, Dhlakama and some other political associations in Mozambique have now returned to low-level warfare because they accuse Frelimo, a political party of frustrating Renamo’s political ambitions by rigging elections, failing to completely honour the Rome Accord and marginalising the central and northern provinces where Renamo is strongest.

This accusation has caused conflicts in the country. The president is not comfortable with such crises as the lives of his citizens are at stake. As part if his duties which is to provide security for his people, he believed that peace talking will help to curb the situation.

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