Isis dangerous member killed by Tunisian security services ‘while planning Ramadan terror attacks’


Tunisia recently succeeded in bringing down one of the dangerous members of Isis. The Interior ministry had said that the man killed was an important and ‘dangerous’ member of the terrorist group. Tunisians are excited as this terrorist group has continuously tormented their lives in country.

However, Tunisian special forces has been said to have launched a successful raid on the Isis stronghold. The man has been confirmed to be an high ranked authority in the group. It was also stated that he was allegedly planning attacks to take place during Ramadan before he was killed.

In addition, the Tunisian interior ministry has refused to identify the leader but confirmed he was an important and “dangerous” member of the terrorist group. In addition to this, Sofiene Sliti, a spokesman for the judiciary, suggested that the man could have been the 20-year-old Houssem Tlithi who has been terrorising Tunisians. Although, this has not been confirmed yet.

Similarly, the interior ministry said the suspect had been on the run for the past three years and hid for many months in the Mount Salloum region, a known extremist stronghold. Also, it was reported that another member of Isis was wounded during the attack and a large quantity of weapons including explosives were seized, the ministry confirmed.

Many Tunisians suspected that Isis has planned to execute attacks during the on going holy month. Also, security officials believe Isis intended to use bomb belts and Kalashnikov assault rifles to launch a series of attacks on nearby towns during the holy month of Ramadan. Tunisians are happy with the recent security service effort in curbing conflicts in the country.

Tunisia is a country filled with love and care. It is traditionally a Muslim country but it is under more regular threat from Isis fighters returning from conflict in Syria and Iraq. This threat had made the country restless in the recent time.

Further more, Tunisia has lost dozens of security officials to terrorist attacks since the 2011 revolution, as well as seeing the deaths of 59 tourists. A state of emergency has been in place since November 2015, when 12 presidential guards were killed by Isis in Tunisia. The people has been restless due to these deadly attacks.

It was also reported in June 2015 that Isis attacked the Bardo Museum and shooting massacre in the beach resort of Sousse, which left 38 victims including 30 British tourists dead in June 2015. After this, countless attacks has taken place.

Tunisian government has promised to overcome the Isis. It has planned to equip the security service of the country so as to be able to protect Tunisians from the hands of Isis. In other words, Tunisians are extremely happy with the recent shut down of the Isis dangerous member. They hoped that such success will occur again soon.

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