RAMADAN GIST – DAY 7: Times to Make Dua


This is a continuation of our last article and in this article we will be talking about the right times to make Dua to Allah in this blessed month.

Allah guarantees the acceptance of the pleas we make but He also made certain specific times much more blessed and more appropriate for Duas to be made.

As we said in yesterday’s article making Dua is one of the things Allah is expecting from us and it is said to be the peak of the Ibaadah. Here is the 2 most valuable times to make Dua and get it answered

Right Before Breaking Your Fast

At that moment when you are weak and you are desperate for the Athan of Mahrib to be called, if you put the thoughts of food and juices behind and run back to Allah asking for his bounties and forgiveness then you certainly won over yourself. What makes this moment special is that you have been fasted from the Halal things that Allah has given you and you have obeyed your Lord which is a prerequisite for the Dua as mentioned in Ayah (2, 186), Allah said that He will grant what His obedient servant asks for. You might be physically weak at that moment but you can definitely find strength in the prayers you make sincerely.

At The Time of Suhoor

Allah descends to the lowest heaven at this time, He praises His slaves in which praying and make Dua to Allah at that time is their traits, deeds become double and the reward for praying few Rak’ats before Fajr will surely weight heavy than anything else. The good thing about Ramadan is that it is not hard to pray that extra units of prayers and making Dua at that late hour of the night during Ramadan since families are all awake and having Suhoor, you will find it easy to start that habit during this Ramadan and continue it after Ramadan, in sha Allah. Ramadan is good chance to inhabit new good and productive habits that will help you change your life to better.

Ethics of Dua

Pray for yourself to begin with until there is nothing left for something you might forget later, it is understandable that you put your family first but you can do something for your beloved ones when you pray for your own goodness at the first.

Then after you pray for your beloved ones, pray for those who you wronged, those you said bad things or things they don’t like behind their backs, pray that Allah may forgive them and that He forgive you from what you did to them. Update your list of those who you pray for and always include those you think you don’t like or you have had arguments or fight with. That way Allah will mend your relationship with others and He will bless you with good company, in sha Allah.

And with that we will end our article today and until next time, may Allah bless you all with His unending bounties and may He forgive us all, Ameen.

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