RAMADAN GIST – DAY 8: Digesting the Qur’an




By Amatul Qafaar



Ever wondered why people are so eager to finish reading the Quran at least once during Ramadan?

I guess we all had that one Ramadan that we wanted to finish the Quran more than once or even twice or sometimes even more than that. We tend to forget that the Quran is more than a book to read and more than a book to be gone through quickly.

Don’t you think the Quran should penetrate through our minds and that it should be digested?

In this article today I will be sharing ways that can help us digest the Quran, rather than racing for the finishing of the Quran once in every ten days, let us race for understanding the Quran and making it a real life map and guide, in sha Allah.

Reading the Quran with translation

When you read the Quran with a translation of any language you can understand the Quran better. It helps you create a strong bond with the Quran and it will help you to look forward to reading the Quran not only during Ramadan but also when it is over. When you relate with the stories; when what Allah is saying is falling into ears that understand that is when the Quran can become your life companion.

It takes much more time than just reading and getting done with it but reading one page while understanding is better for you than not knowing what you are reading.

It revives your heart, elevates your rank in the eyes of your Lord and helps you become a better person through reading and digesting its holy pages.

If rushing through the Quran is how to stay connected with it then what was the matter with Abdullahi Ibn Umar; an eminent sahaabi who was an Islamic scholar? It took him a good 14 years to finish memorizing the Quran, despite the fact that he was Arab, who could even speak and understand the language more than anyone. He saw the prophet who was a walking Quran, yet it took him all that years to finish memorizing the Quran because he knew how hard it is, to claim that you gave the Quran its due respect by just flipping the pages and getting over all 30 Juz.

Let us start off with getting translation of the Quran now and see how that affects our Quran mindfulness.

And with this tip we will the end our article here, and shall focus on the other ways to digest the Quran in our next article, in sha Allah.

Please do share your experience after you implement the above tip, God willing.

Wa salaam alaikum.

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