Residents show excitement over road iftar in Mogadishu


It is not new that the holy month of Ramadan is a time for Muslims across the globe to engage in increased rewarding activities for multiple blessings from the Almighty as enjoined in the glorious book, and that the abundant reward that comes with the month is one motivation that drives believers all through the period.

Scholars have often describe this motivation as an irresistible urge that fills believers with added strength to doing extra things even with the fatigue that might result from staying out of food and drink.

In maximizing the ceaseless blessings that accompany of the season, a large percentage of Muslims have often dedicated the period for voluntary worship and time to executive some of their philanthropy acts, like zakat, sadaqah and major community services. It is in the news that a group of young men and women in Mogadishu have taken another angle at giving in charity this Ramadan.

The group makes iftar for road users plying the road at the time of iftar by preparing water, dates and samosa for interested ones. They make the distribution just about the time of iftar, running from one vehicle to another. This voluntary act of theirs has attracted a number of people who describes it as a wonderful bail out at most rush hours.

Ali Roble, a resident expressed excitement over this, pointing out that it is the first of its kind he will encounter.  “This is the first time I am seeing this is Mogadishu. It’s a true spirit of Ramadan. May Allah bless them.”

As the days of Ramadan pass away with the going of time, more and more faithfuls around the world increase in deeds for rewards. It is really exciting that nobody seem to be ready to be left out.

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