Long-distance running is very healthy for the body


Exercising the body is highly beneficial to the body. Among the various exercises, running a long distance is one of the exercises that helps to maintain good health. Some people might feel it is too stressful to run a long distance. Yes, it is but many health benefits accompany it.

Scientists have discovered that long-distance running provides a number of physiological benefits for the human body which many people are not aware of. Running a long distance stimulates the heart, respiratory system, the brain, and reduces cardiovascular mortality.

In addition, long distance running strengthens the heart, it allows blood to be pumped to the muscles more effectively. Also, the leg stands a great chance to benefit from this exercise. The leg tends to develop more endurance which wouldn’t allow it to get injured quite often.

Further more, long distance running helps strengthen the bones, ligaments and tendons. Also, it helps the body to increase VO2 which allows the body to be able to take oxygen from the oxygen-rich blood to the entire body. This will make running (and exercise) feel a bit easier as the time passes by.

It has also been confirmed that more capillaries (those mini blood vessels) will grow and as a result, it will enhance blood supply to the muscle fibres. This in turn provides increased energy and oxygen to the muscles which will eventually result to healthy life. Also, the concentration of key aerobic enzymes will increase. These enzymes have an important job helping to break fuel into useable forms of energy that one need when running.

Long distance running also helps people suffering from obesity. It helps to burn fat capacity and keep the body fit if genuinely practised. However, maintaining a healthy and fit life is very important. It also helps psychologically as mental toughness is exhibited and the coping skills is learnt through endurance. As one starts adding more kilometres to the training runs, ones confidence receives a boost when you find out that the body can actually go through the distance.

Similarly, the Archives of Internal Medicine said that regular exercise such as long-distance running can “lift depression just as well as prescription antidepressants”.

Science experts have reported that ultramarathon runners are generally healthier and take less sick time than the rest of the population, they occasionally suffer knee pain and stress fractures which eventually fade out in a short period of time.

It is very important to find out the readiness of the heart and lungs before embarking on a long distance race. If they are perfect for the race, it is advised to take part in one or more marathon community race so as to stay healthy.

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