Wedding ceremonies to some people are days to announce to the world the commencement of a romantic beginning with a spouse. This is especially true for many who pend sexual exploits until after a marriage contract is duly sealed with a partner. It is a common place thing for the occasion to be characterized with partying and  loads of rejoice.

Wedding ceremonies become more of a heavy celebration with a sea of heads in attendance when emerging couples or one of them are celebrities. This is the case with the coming wedding ceremony of Barcelona’s squad man, Lionel Messi.

The world looks forward to the wedding ceremony of the World Football superstar as he seals the marriage contract between himself and his heartrob. Messi will be taking is childhood lover and mother of his two kids to the alter on the 30th of June,  2017.

The ceremony is slated to hold in their hometown,  Rosario in Argentina. This was earlier disclosed by the players’ personal communication Agency, who confirmed Rosario as the proposed venue of the event.

“The wedding will be held in Rosario, Argentina, on June 30,” feeds from the Agency had reported. After nine years in a relationship that has brought about two lovely kids for the two, they have finally come to decide to make things official and binding.

It is also in the news that Messi will be 30 years old on the 24th of June. Messi, who has grown to be a legend in the football terrain will be marking both his birthday and wedding in grand style. The world champion hereby looks forward to two amazing moments of his life in June.


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