RAMADAN GIST – DAY 16: What Diverts Us?


By Amatul Qafaar


“Competition in [worldly] increase diverts you, until you visit the graveyards.” (Quran102, 1-2)

In yesterday’s article we have looked into us potentially getting diverted from the way of Allah with our extravagant ways of eating and breaking our fasts when we were fasting from the halal things all day long.

Quran is so relevant to us even though it was revealed to prophet Mohamed over 1400 years ago. The same God who created the people before us and gave them the Quran as manual for them is the same God who created us and He is the one who made the Quran a living miracle.

Humanity is suffering greatly due to our selfishness and due to us competing with each other treating life like a big joke in which what matters is what materials we showcase to others.

As we have said Ramadan is teaching us the principles of life and with us competing with each other with the kind of food we eat, we should also look at this below mentioned thing from another angle


Social media personal pages are overflowing with people posting pictures of their families, sometimes forgetting that they are a blessing and that there are people out there who got no family with them and they would do anything to have a family member. Posting pictures of ones family and how beautiful they are, sometimes getting the whole family involved to get one picture taken because some of the folks you know have posted a picture of them and you want to put up the same one or a better one, later in Surah Takhathur 102, God says “Then you will surely be asked that Day aboiut pleasure”we will indeed be asked about the blessings we have, family being one, so we should be grateful for the fact that we have our loving families around instead of competing with others with our families.

Let us be grateful for whatever God blessed us with and we should remind each other that all that we have will be up for questioning in the Day of Judgement.


Wa salaamu Aliakum wa Rahmatullah.

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