Uganda voted best at the Africa Energy Forum


Africa Energy Forum (AEF), an energy conference in Denmark, Copenhagen, is the global investment meeting for Africa’s power, energy, infrastructure and industrial sectors.

During an event that attracted over 2000 participants from global energy players, AEF voted Uganda as the best investment country.

South Africa, Mozambique, Morocco, Zambia and Sierra leone among others were some of the countries that competed during the meeting.

The Republic of Uganda, in the meeting, was represented by the Minister for energy and Mineral Development, Irene Muloni, who made a presentation that led the country to victory.

The Minister’s presentation was solely based on the role of the energy sector in facilitating the enhanced growth of the economy and available opportunities for investment.

“Uganda is focused on becoming a middle class country by 2020. This possibility can only be fast tracked by the availability of enough and reliable energy to boost all sectors and stimulating growth of industries leading to job creation,” said Ms Muloni

“By the end of 2018, Uganda will have doubled her energy quantities and multiplied access by the population,” she added.

In her presentation, the Minister gave an assurance to the participants, of double digit returns in their investments.

She then before concluding, took some time to talk about Uganda’s other tourism potential areas.

“Uganda has a very strong natural resource base, peace and stable, good investment policies and laws, liberalized economy, a conducive investment climate and abundant renewable energy sources,” Minister Irene Muloni explained.

“Apart from the fact that Uganda is a home of great wonders like having the source of River Nile, the Equator crossing through it and not forgetting the mountain Gorillas, The Republic of Uganda has the friendliest people in the world,” she further said.

Following her conclusion, the Minister invited serious investors to consider Uganda as a country ready for business.



Correspondent: Shamirah Abdallah

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