Bomb blast near mosque in Afghanistan kills 9


The rate at which the act of terrorism is increasing is quite alarming. Many lives have been lost as a result of terrorists attacks. However, terrorist attacks on churches have pointed fingers to Muslims responsibility. However, the bombers of the recent mosque attack are yet to be known.

Recently, a bomb attack near the main gate of an iconic mosque in the country’s western Herat province left at least eight people killed, police reported.

The attack came after a spate of violence in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, where on Wednesday more than 150 people were killed and hundreds wounded in a suicide truck-bomb attack.

It was suspected that an improvised explosive device (IED) was planted in a motorcycle auto-rickshaw and was detonated in the afternoon at the main taxi and bus stand, close to the main entrance of the Great Mosque in Heart City. At the time the bomb blasted, many Muslims were set and on their way to observe their daily prayers.

In addition, Abdul Ahad Jailani, spokesman for the provincial police headquarters, said the death rate has increased to 8, and two of the wounded are in critical situation. He further stated that more dead bodies might be discovered as the sorting was still taking place.

One of the security officers said that Herat is among the few relatively safer cities in Afghanistan and that the bomb blast close to the mosque was a surprise to everyone.

The terrorism act in Afghanistan needs to be seriously curbed as many have reportedly lost their lives to it. In February this year, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) said in its annual report that the civilians again bore the brunt of violence in Afghanistan in 2016 that saw a large number of children among the 3,498 dead.

It was confimed that the report documented 11,418 conflict-related civilian casualties, including 3,498 people killed and 7,920 injured in 2016. Of these, 3,512 were children — 923 dead and 2,589 injured, up by 24 percent from the previous highest-ever recorded figure. Most of the victims are Muslims and yet the source of the attacks is yet to be confirmed.

Most Islamic countries are presently facing threats from the terrorists. Muslims now live in fear of unexpected attacks. The government of Afghanistan urges international bodies to assist in combatting the frequent terrorist attacks as the government can not do it alone.

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