Cholera kills more in Sudan


Four dead bodies of street children have already been found in Khartoum the capital city of Sudan over the past two days.
Police authorities in the city announced the discovery of the four bodies and later, they confirmed and informed that, the deceased children died due to Cholera.

“We received many reports about dead bodies around the streets of Khartoum over the past two days, and, right now we have received four of them and it has been confirmed that the four children, died from cholera,” said a police source on Sunday.

On Saturday, the Sudanese Doctors’ Association said that, at least eight people had too been confirmed dead over the same disease (cholera) in Furshaya of South Kordofan State, just after 60 and more cases had also been reported.

In addition to that, in Taiba Al Ahamda area in Khartoum North, the residents reported that there are more than 200 cases of cholera in the area.

“The citizens said that, the disease is spreading in the area at a very high rate and therefore, they called upon the health officials and organizations, to intervene and bring the necessary medicines to the place. They also asked the health officials to ensure the prevention of the disease with all the required measures,” reported from Al Ahdaath media outlet.

Sudan has been battling with the disease for the past months and several have died as a result.

June 1 2017, it was reported that at least 75 people had died of cholera and more than 4000 had been infected in the areas of the White Nile State. The disease then spread further to the state of River Nile still killing some and, it was then estimated to spread to more parts of the country just as it is witnessed now.

As measures of prevention, Dr Adam, still on 1 June, advised the people to clean food well before eating, caring about personal and general hygiene, washing hands before eating, drinking clean water and keeping their children away from dumpsters.



Correspondent: Shamirah Abdallah

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