Flood claims thousands of Bangladeshi lives


Thousands of people died in Bangladesh recently due to flood and land sliding. Police and medical officers said that scores of people have been died in landslides and flooding after heavy rainfall battered southeast of Bangladesh, Al-Jazeera News Agency reported.

Bangladesh has a subtropical monsoon climate characterized by wide seasonal variations in rainfall, high temperatures and humidity. The monsoon season starts from the month of June. This season brings a lot of water every month that causes destruction.

According to the local officials, “The death toll climbed to 134 on Tuesday and it is also increasing.” In Rangamati, nearly 98 people including soldiers were died due to mudslides. The mudslides buried their homes.

Armed forces spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Rashid ul Hassan said, “The soldiers were sent to clear the roads hit by the landslide in Manikchhari town when they themselves buried by a second landslide.”

Rangamati is a tribal community in the remote hill district, close to the Indian border.

The Head of the Department of Disaster Management Raez Ahmed told AFP News Agency, “The recovery work is still going on. The death toll could rise as many areas still remained cut off.” He said that the recovery team had been utilized to the affected areas to reinforce recovery work.

Tanveer Chaudhary, a reporter of Al-Jazeera Channel in Dhaka told, “This particular mudslide tragedy is one of the worst in recent years of Bangladesh.”

According to police officer Rafiq Ullah, seven people including three children were died in the hilly town of Bandarband, after their homes were buried in mud on Monday.

District police chief Sayed Tariq ul Hassan said, “Some of them were sleeping in their homes on the hillsides when the landslides occurred.”

In spite of that 30 more causalities were in the neighbouring district of Chittagong.

The behindhand cataclysm came weeks after Cyclone Mora smacked into Bangladesh’s southern hill districts bringing unbearable death toll including eight people and vandalizing tens of thousands of shelters.

Chaudhary Tanveer said, “Experts think the government could do much more to prevent the loss of the life by evacuating people living in hilly areas during the monsoon season.”

Water is essential for the survival but in Bangladesh it has a power to destroy everything in its path. Thereabouts 80% rainfall occurs every year in Bangladesh which brings demolition of thousands of people in land sliding and floods.




Correspondent: Syeda Faiza Bukhari

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