Chinese government boosts Hombiro clinic in Zimbabwe


The Chinese government is working really hard to penetrate in the hub of Africa. Some Africans believe it is just their kind nature to assist while some believe it is just a system of exploit. Recently, the Chinese government handed over furniture and goodies worth thousands of dollars to Hombiro Clinic in Uzumba North Constituency.

It was reported that the clinic was built by the community with the assistance of Commissioner-General of the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services Retired Major-General Paradzai Zimondi. The aim is to render medical assistance to the sick who might need to travel long miles to get treated.

During the handover ceremony, Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Huang Ping, said that Rtd Major-General Zimondi had always supported China-Zimbabwe relations and when he requested for assistance from the Embassy, they intervened. He said it is just a way to show their heart of kindness.

“Commissioner-General Zimondi has maintained sound co-operation with our Embassy and rendered great support to China-Zimbabwe relations,” he said.

Mr. Ping further explained:
“As far as we know, he has always cared about the development of his hometown and taken people’s livelihood close to his heart. That is when he approached us and told us about the clinic that needs donation of furniture, we immediately decided to extend a helping hand to the best of our ability without hesitation.”

In assurance, Ambassador Huang stated that China would continue to help Zimbabwe improve its health sector in order to better the lives of the people.

“The donation of furniture, home appliances, TVs, computers and medical equipment for Hombiro Clinic today testifies to our profound people-to-people friendship and the strong goodwill and concrete action of China to support the development of the health sector in Zimbabwe,” he said.

Also speaking during the same occasion, Comm-Gen Zimondi urged other Zimbabweans to emulate the gesture of charity shown by the Chinese government. He said the act of charity can only move a country forward.

“The Chinese are assisting us today, but we also have our sons and daughters from this place who can also help us develop our community. Tell your children in towns to also come and assist in whichever way they can, not only this clinic, but also our roads and schools as well,” he added.

He further explained:
“China helped us during the liberation struggle and they are now helping us in this economic struggle hence we should work very hard to make use of these investments.”

The residents of Uzumba community are really excited with this great development. Some of them said it is not the first time the Chinese government is assisting them while some hope there won’t be a price to be paid in return. However, Zimondi appreciates the Chinese efforts and encourages the act of showing love as it is the only ticket to peace, unity and development.

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