PAKISTAN: Cheapest Ramadan Package for common man released


LAHORE – Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharief on Wednesday introduced Cheapest Ramadan package (CRP) for the relief of common man. The purpose of this Ramadan package is to make edible items accessible to everyone on affordable prices, national radio reported.

Chief Minister said, “Ramadan Bazaar acts as a melting pot for the people of all races and religions to coverage under one roof in the search of food.”

According to officials, Chief Minister has announced billion of rupees in this regard. He approved 5 million rupees for Ramadan Bazaar to make it accessible and affordable for common man.

The Chief Minister Ramadan package 2017 items relief is announced in products of grocery- flour, sugar, rice, fruits, oil, eggs, meat and all other necessary items of grocery.

Per Jang Newspaper, “CM approved 5 Million rupees for Ramadan package for the people of Punjab. Ramadan package is the best relief. Total 330 Ramadan Bazaars are working under the Chief Minister Ramadan Relief Package 2017.”

A lady name Qamar-un-Nisa giving an interview to Express News she said, “It is good package for the calmness and appeasement for a common man.”

10 kg Flour is available in the market at Rs. 250 ($2.4) instead of Rs. 375 ($ 3.5). Government provides 14 billion flour bags of 10kg weight. Subsidy of Rs.10 ($0.10) is on every kg of sugar and chicken. Eggs and oils are also sold on 10 rupees cheaper than market.

In addition to that Madani Dastarkhan has been set on the order of Chief Minister in Suhuur and Aftar during the Holy month of Ramadan. This facility is provided by the Government of Punjab to the poor people. “Madani Dastarkhans are being set up on the direction of the chief Minister of Punjab,” stated by the Special Assistant of Chief Minister of Punjab Muhammad Nawaz while chairing a  meeting in district Sargodha.

District Administrators and Members of Parliament Assembly (MPAs) monitor this programme. Utility stores also book their stalls in Ramadan Bazaar (market). It is a big initiative by the government of Punjab.

In short, the bazaar is also to improve the socio-economies of small trade and promote brotherhood among them. Despite the intention of selling food and beverages for the Muslims to brief their fast, it also attracts many Non-Muslims. This represents unity and harmony in the province.

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