UK’s Defense Adviser to Accra attributes the strong relationship between UK and Ghana to shared history


Ghana and UK have been in some sort of business lately. The world is a witness to the marriage between the two country’s defense team. We have had them on different exchange programs. How both of them have survived together is really incredible.

While responding to this, Lt Col Simon Westlake, the UK’s Defense Adviser to Accra stated that “This high level of interaction between the UK and Ghana ‘has only been possible because of the shared history, shared ethos and common interests of the UK and Ghana Armed Forces, which have come through so strongly in all these activities.”

A good example of this exchange is that of June 9, which explains the cordiality of both countries, turning them with time into fair siblings. It is reported by IPO that: “On Friday 9th June, HMS PROTECTOR, the UK’s Ice Patrol and Research Vessel docked at Tema port; there is a long history between the Royal Navy and Ghana Navy, with young officers undergoing training in the UK every year.

“In April of this year, SLt George Acquah of the Ghana Navy returned to the UK to receive the Admiralty Prize from HRH The Duke of York, as the best international officer cadet of 2016/17. Following this, two Ghana Navy young officers will undergo initial training at the Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth, England – continuing a tradition of the two Navies working together.”

Lt Col Simon Westlake affirms that the possibility of executing engagement with Ghana is a result of the enduring relationship, describing it as UK’s demonstration of commitment to defense partnership with Ghana.

“The ability to bring British soldiers to Ghana on exercise, to conduct a senior level military education study tour, and to undertake an excellent ship visit with cooperation across a number of different Ghanaian organisations is testament to the strong, enduring relationship that exists between our two militaries. But, importantly, this period has also allowed the UK to demonstrate our commitment to the Defense partnership with our strong ally, Ghana.”

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