RAMADAN GIST – DAY 24: Heart’s Own Way to Quench Thirst


By Amatul Qafaar



“But as for the favor of your Lord, report [it].” [Qur’an: Chapter 93, Verse 11]

In yesterday’s article, we have covered what we consider as a blessings and how we can cope the difficulties in our way. In this article we would like to highlight ways that we can stay grateful and we can be true to the above Ayah by reporting our blessings.

Feel those who don’t have the same

We always look at wealthy people and think to ourselves that they are the only ones who need to feel those who don’t have the same things that they have. What about you who have fully functioning limbs and not feeling those who don’t? What about those whose families are not with them or those who had no family to begin with? And What about those kids whose parents are not alive and not around while you are capable of enjoying every minute with your kids?

If you are healthy then you surely have what any wealthy person cannot get with their money if it is taken away, in this case you need to give charity of your health by serving those who don’t have the same privilege, you didn’t choose to wake up with your health, rather it is Allah that blessed you with the health you have so report your blessing and celebrate it with those who don’t have it. Do what they would do for themselves if they were able to and that way you did your part to protect your blessing.

And what about those who feel like they have no one in this world, while you don’t recognize when your family is around and you nitpick whatever they do, because, to you, they seem annoying and not understanding so many times, but little do you know that some people will do anything to be in the same position you are in.

Take care of the matters of your family members; try to understand where they are coming from and report the blessing you have by involving your family to help those who God didn’t give what He gave you, for Allah didn’t give them because of problems they have. And He gave you because of how deserving you are, rather He made life so people can be grateful slaves and so that He can reward those obey His rules in this world.

Ponder on this. May Allah continue to guide us. Wa salaam alaikum.

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