Family mourns the death of London mosque attack victim, describes him as a gentle man


The name of the dead casualty lost to the Monday London Mosque attack has be revealed as Makram Ali. According to available reports, Makram Ali migrated to the United Kingdom at age Ten, from Bangladesh. Postmortem examination has also revealed that the late Ali died as a rsult of sustaining “multiple injuries”

“Mr Ali …came to the UK from Bangladesh when he was 10 years old,” the Telegraph News website reported. ‘(Makram Ali) …died from “multiple injuries” and survived by “wife, children and grandchildren”,’ the report added.

Following the increasing sympathy generating from around the world, on the terrorist attack, the family of the deceased has expressed shock over the loss of their relative, describing the incident as tragic. The spokesperson for the family, in the message, described Mr Ali as a gentle man, who stays clear of trouble.

“We are devastated by the loss of a husband, father, brother and grandfather, Makram Ali, in this tragic event.

“Our father was a quiet, gentle man. He didn’t get involved in political or social discussion; he instead took comfort and enjoyment spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren, and he was always ready to make a funny joke when you least expected.

“We wish everyone to know what a loving man he was. He spent his whole life without any enemies, choosing a quiet life instead.”

While praying for peace to reign in the community and acknowledging the kind gesture extended to the family by the community residents, the spokesperson however noted that it will be against the will of their late father to retaliate evil with evil, calling the community to maintain calm.

“We as a family have always believed that the actions of one person cannot be a reflection of a whole people and I have no doubt that our father would not wish for there to be any retaliation or recriminations and would urge people to remain calm and to pray for peace in these difficult times.

“We wish to thank them and the emergency services for their work and we’d especially like to thank those people who helped our father in his last moments and also thank all the people who have left messages of condolence and flowers at the mosque.”



Correspondent: Olayiwola A. Ridwan

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