Julie Bishop announces Jenny Dee as Australia’s commissioner


Australia’ s commissioner for Foreign Affairs, Hon. Julie Bishop has announced the appointment of Ms Jenny Dee as Australia’s coming High Commissioner to Mauritius. This is contained in a press release issued from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, by the serving Commissioner Foreign Affairs, Hon. Julie Bishop.

He disclosed this yesterday, 26th of June, according to the release as published by APO on behalf of the department. The appointment is said to extend to Comoros, Madagascar and Seychelles, however without any resident accreditation.

“Today I (Julie Bishop) announce the appointment of Ms Jenny Dee as Australia’s next High Commissioner to Mauritius with non-resident accreditation to Comoros, Madagascar and Seychelles.”

The Honorable noted that: “Australia and Mauritius enjoy warm relations based on strong economic and people-to-people links, particularly in education and marine economic activity.” Adding that: “Over the last few years, education institutions in Mauritius and other Indian Ocean island states have built fruitful relationships with their Australian counterparts.”

Hon. Julie Bishop confirmed that: “Mauritius is a growing financial hub for the African mainland and Australian businesses.” In the press release, Mauritius was described as  a growing financial hub for the African mainland and Australian businesses.”

In addition, it was also confirmed that; “Australia works closely with Mauritius and its island neighbors on maritime security, economic growth and sustainable development, including through the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA), and the newly established Commonwealth Climate Finance Access Hub.”

According to available records, “Ms Dee is a senior career officer with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and was most recently Director, External Budget Section.” It should be recalled that: “In Canberra Ms Dee has held a range of positions in DFAT, including as Director, Sri Lanka and Maldives Section; India Political and Regional Section; and Indonesia Economic and Transnational Issues Section. She has served overseas at Australia’s missions in Jakarta and Harare.”

In the coming month (July), Ms Dee will resume work as appointed. With a Master degree of Arts (Foreign Affairs and Trade) from Monash University and a Bachelor of Business (Journalism) from the Queensland University of Technology, Australians expect more from here dispensation.




Correspondent: Olayiwola A. Ridwan

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