Liberian government condemns exposed sex video of a promising female activist


Liberian government urges its citizens to add more dignity to their daily life activities. This is in a reaction to the recent sex video circulated on the internet. As part of the act condemnation, the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MGCSP) also condemns the circulation of the new ‘sex-video’ on social media exposing the privacy of a promising Liberian woman.

Many Liberians and the ministry describes such video as disgraceful, uncivilized and said such video undermines the dignity of womanhood. Many Liberians also said that whosoever is responsible should be sued saying that such a thing is unlawful in the country.

In addition, the ministry’s investigation gathered that such recording was done long ago, but was released recently when the two reportedly engaged in a misunderstanding. However, the Ministry described the recording and subsequent exposure of said video as devilish, embarrassing and malicious. It is a serious violation of the privacy of womanhood which has to be dealt with legally.

Similarly, the video is said to have posed a negative picture of the dignity of Liberian women. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection is calling on the Ministry of Justice to immediately intervene by arresting the alleged perpetrator who is reportedly in the employ of the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning.

Reports confirmed that the video shows Mr. Mohammed Sambolah, Assistant Director at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, encouraging a female partner to record a video which only shows her face and not his in a sex video.

“In the early morning hours of June 27, 2017 a video involving two adults in sexual acts was circulated on social media. It is alleged that the video was released by the male in the UP chat room (a chat room that is not officially sanctioned by the leadership of the party). Some people have unscrupulously linked this act to the Unity Party. The party is reacting to this because the posting of the video was ALLEGEDLY done in a chat room that bore the name ‘Unity Party’ “. A member of the ministry said.

In a statement, ministry of gender call for help to prosecute whoever is responsible for such act:
“The dignity of a woman should be protected at all times in-spite of what condition that woman finds hersel. We are encouraging the Female Lawyers Association, Female Journalist Association of Liberia (FeJAL) and all civil society actors to join efforts in exposing the perpetrator of such wicked, damaging and abusive act.”

Memensie Kaba, a senior partisan of the opposition Congress for Democratic Change expressed disappointment over the video, lamenting in a Facebook post:

“I am seriously disappointed in the way some of our men in Liberian Politics push women away as if politics is a men’s society that belongs to a group of beheaded goats or uncivilized men.”

“I strongly condemn the nude video that was posted on Facebook, specifically in the Unity Party’s Group Chat about a lady who has been very blunt on social media when it comes to happenings in our country. This action in my opinion is not only cruel but also unacceptable and uncivilized.” He added.

This is considered as legally wrong as invasion sexual privacy constitutes a crime in most countries where it is considered illegal to record or post intimate moments without their consent. Under Liberian law, however, authorities have said they cannot take action unless the victim or injured makes a complaint. Many Liberians have stood out to say they have got her back and so expecting the victim to speak up even though she might be facing hard times.

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