Israel threatens to deal with Syria, Russia and Iran


On 3rd July, 2017 according to the official News Channel of Tehran, a prominent Syrian analyst stated that Israel had depicted a provoking movement against the Arab countries.

Israel warned Damascus, Tehran and Russia in that regard.

A senior Journalist and a political analyst Hassan told media on Monday, “Israel’s operations in the Syrian territories are conducted in coordination with Washington and in line with supporting terrorism and these moves will receive a response from the side of Syria through coordination with the Russian and Iranian allies.”

It is noted that Israel faced a defeat in Syria and Iraq. It did a counter attacks to recaptured their lost land.

He added, “Tel Aviv aims to boost the terrorists’ morale, specially the Muslim Terrorists Front weaken the Syrian soldiers’ morale and send this message to the Russians and Iranians that Israel is still able to disturb the situation.”

In addition to that, the Arab-language Official Media Sources reported about Israeli missile units opened fire at the Syrian army position in Quneitra province after a heavy defeat on Al-Nusra Front in the town of Al-Ba’ath.

Earlier this week it is reported that an Israeli military helicopter targeted two positions of the Syrian Army in areas near Eastern Al-Samadaniyeh and other positions around the town of Al-Ba’ath.

Hassan emphasized that the repetition of Israel’s attacks means that the enemy had not attained its goal yet; the Damascus response would be tough, and co-ordinate with our Russian and Iranian allies.

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