US chooses to delay decision upon lifting Sudan sanction


The Trump administration has chosen to delay its decision upon lifting the trade sanctions against Sudan permanently.

The Sudan sanction as records depict, expired on 11, July, and looked up to the US lifting the sanction permanently on Wednesday 12, July. However, the US instead decided to postponed the decision by three months.

The three more months delay, according to reports, is a decision by the Trump government to further determine whether the country’s (Sudan) government has made enough progress after decades of war and isolation.

In this case, this implies that the temporary sanction relief that Sudan has been holding on to since January, granted as an executive order issued by America’s former President Barak Obama, still remains.

Waiting and counting the three more months down, Sudan will receive its permanent sanction lift on  12 October, 2017 when the three months will expire, only if the Trump administration will grant it.

However, several US lawmakers have urged Donald Trump, the President of America, to extend and delay the final decision for a full year.

Human activists on the other hand pledge that the sanctions against Sudan should stay in place.

The concerned human advocates said that lifting the sanctions would only strengthen the Sudan’s President Omar Al Bashir, who is already wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

It is remembered that the ICC wants Mr. Bashir for the genocide charges linked to the Darfur conflict, violating human rights among others.

Sudan has been under US financial sanctions since the 1990s when it was briefly a hiding home for Osama Bin Laden, and accused of sponsoring terrorism.

The sanction was then reviewed by the Obama administration who issued and signed an executive order to seize the sanction, basing on his satisfaction and the progress Sudan had made.

Obama granted Sudan a temporary sanction lift of six months in January, prior to his leaving from the office, and Sudan had to get its permanent sanction lift on Wednesday 12 July 2017. Unfortunately, it has been extended by Trump untill further notice to clarify whether the country (Sudan), is deserving of it.

The Sudan government has to have improved in areas including the fight against terrorism,  the peace and humanitarian situation in the region of Darfur, Sudan’s role in the peace process in South Sudan among others.

In response to the extension, it is reported that the President of Sudan has also issued a republican decree ordering to freeze the work of the negotiating committee with the United States of America until 12 October 2017.

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