Egypt cancels Visa on arrival arrangement for Qataris


To create more hurdle in diplomatic ties with Qatar, visa on arrival arrangements are no longer available for Qatari Citizens who might be planning to visit Egypt, State run media announced this order by some officials on Monday night, July 17th 2017.

That report had been coming up six weeks after June 5th 2017 when Egypt along with Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain cut their diplomatic ties by air, sea and ground including import of food and LNG, with the tiny Gulf state.

It is stated that Qatari citizens would no longer be able to receive visas upon arrival in Egypt at Cairo International Airport.

The report declared that it would not affect spouses and children of Egyptian nationals as well as Qatari nationals who were studying at Egyptian public universities.

According to the source, “These affected by the moves, including holders of diplomatic or special passports,

“They must apply for visas in advance from an Egyptian embassy abroad.”

Egypt foreign ministry had not yet issued a statement about the changes.

It is acknowledged that that dramatic surge came up to when the President of United States Donald Trump went to attend Summit Conference held in Riyadh.

It is noteworthy to remember that even nearly 50 thousand camels were deported back to Qatar from KSA mainly ensure that Qataris feel the diplomatic ties cut.

Additionally, Gulf crisis raised to peak concerning of growing instability in the region, then Saudi Arabia and its allies issued a list of 13 demands.

However, those moves especially refusal of visa had been strictly condemned by various Human Rights organization.







Correspondent: Syeda Faiza Bukhari

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