“Vampire Diaries” star visits Uganda, applauds the refugee policy.


Uganda’s policy of settling refugees from different parts of the world with the largest number coming from South Sudan has impressed several people.

Quite a number of people have praised Uganda for its overwhelming act, despite it being just a developing country.

These people have also helped in adding their voices to that of the government of Uganda, calling upon developed countries and different organizations to throw a helping hand in favor of the daily increasing number of refugees in Uganda.

General Antonio Guterres, the UN secretary among other officials expressed his gratitude to Uganda.

Now, a famous actor joins the call for help.

Daniel Gillies popularly known by his role name “Elijah Mikealson” in the series “Vampire Dairies” and “The Originals” has hailed Uganda for its heart touching refugee policy that gives refugees dignity despite their situation.

Daniel has been in Uganda for the past week documenting the humanitarian crisis in the Bidibidi and the Mvepi settlements.

“Uganda is not the wealthiest country in the world but the fact that it is offering education, land and many other needs, allowing refugees to maintain their dignity is really amazing,” Daniel said in a press conference at Protea Hotel in Entebbe.

“I am painfully aware of my privilege and of the problems in the world, I see that some people like refugees do not have what we necessarily have for example sanitation and clean water,” Daniel explained his findings.

“I am here to create conversation about the importance of refugees having this,” he added.

According to Oxfam International Uganda, despite support from different states, the response is still underfunded.

Director of Oxfam Uganda stated that there is need to sustain a global conversation about the need to support refugees and the host societies in Uganda.

“The world is a rich place but there is a problem in the way resources are distributed. If we can make the world talk about the importance of channeling resources to the refugee crisis in Uganda, then we can help solve the humanitarian crisis,” explained Peter Kamaligin, the country director of Oxfam Uganda.

The senior entertainment officer for Oxfam America, Jackie Nelson, said that the organization will be watching for how much engagement comes out of Daniel Gillies’ initiative.

Daniel Gillies is also using his social media handles to solicit for donations for the refugee crisis.










Correspondent: Shamilah Namuddu

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