A “positive” step in the crisis between Doha and four Arab countries – State Minister of UAE says


On Friday, the UAE state minister for foreign affairs welcomed the latest Qatar move neighbors which accused it of backing extremists and terrorists.

Anwar Gargash repeated his demands for Qatar to reorient its policies to ease the crisis with its Arab neighbors.  He tweeted, “It is a positive step to deal seriously with the list of 59 terrorists.”

“It would be wiser (for Qatar) to totally change its (political) orientation.”

The Qatar crisis proved two things: the continued infantilization of the Arab states, and the total collapse of the Sunni Muslim unity supposedly created by Donald Trump’s preposterous attendance at the Saudi summit in June.

Some of officials stated, “Qatar announced a dictum by Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani late on Thursday establishing two nominal lists of individuals and terrorist entities,

“The requirements for being included in them.

“It also defined terrorists, terrorist crimes, terrorist entities as well as the financing of terrorism.”

During a visit to Doha by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told CNN, “The verdict followed the signing on July 11 of a US-Qatar agreement to combat terror funding”

He added, “Our mission is to defuse the Gulf crisis. However, the four Arab countries at odds with Doha dismissed the deal as “insufficient”.

“The pressure linked to the crisis has begun to bear fruit.”

The surge erupted when regional powerhouse Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt broke ties with Qatar on June 5, accusing it of backing extremism.

Additionally, On June 9, Saudi Arabia and its allies published a list of 59 people and 12 organisations they accused of involvement in “terrorism” with support from Qatar.

Doha rejected the claim as unfounded. On June 22, they went on to present the emirate with a list of 13 demands with which to comply to end the worst political crisis in the region for years.

On 19th July, Egypt refused to give visa on arrival for Qataris.

After promising to fight to the death against “terror,” Saudi Arabia and its closest chums had then ganged up on one of the wealthiest of their neighbors, Qatar, for being a fountainhead of “terror”. Only Shakespeare’s plays could come close to describing such treachery. Shakespearean comedies, of course.









Reporter: Syeda Faiza Bukhari

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