AU calls for free and fair elections in Kenya


Thabo Mbeki, the former South African President and the head of an African Union Elections Observer mission to Kenya, has under the AU called on all stakeholders in Kenya’s general election to ensure that 8 August’s election is free, fair and credible for the sake of the country’s stability after the polls.

Mr. Mbeki also explained that the East African economic power house plays a vital role on the continent.

Speaking to the media in Nairobi on Saturday, two days after his marathon meetings with several key and vital people in the electoral process, Thabo Mbeki said that a credible and peaceful election would set a precedent for the rest of Africa.

“Everybody is communicating one message which is that Kenyan people desire to have a peaceful, free, fair and credible elections next month,” said Mr. Mbeki.

“We are all aware of what happened in 2007/8 and very keen that there can never, never be a repetition of that for the sake of Kenya. But, it is also for the sake of the continent,” explained Mr. Mbeki.

The AU team had two meeting with the electoral commission and another with the chairperson of the commission. The AU’s meeting with the commission was that it must communicate and consult with the stakeholders.

“Exactly part of what will result in the elections being peaceful, is the fact of them being  free, fair, credible and all of that. If people have any disputes concerning the elections, then they must resort to the courts and use the normal and legal process, rather than any other means.”

Sources show that, there are 19.6 million registered voters, 53% of whom are male while 47% are female. The female figure is compared to the 49%  of the female registered voters in the 2013, general elections.

Just a few weeks to the polls in Kenya, campaigns are in top gear. For a country that previously witnessed post-election chaos, there is cautious optimism. It is a delicate balance for Kenyans and Kenya at large.

Promisingly, Uhuru Kenyatta, the current President of Kenya, vows to ensure smooth transition if he looses.

“I have done most if not all of what I pledged and I am campaigning across the country hoping Kenyans will grant me a second term to serve them. But if the will of the people is to give another person a chance too, then I will ensure there is a smooth transition,” Kenyatta promised Kenyans on his Facebook on live chat, a session that took about 45 minutes, on this Sunday.












Correspondent: Shamilah Namuddu

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