Malian government sympathizes with relatives of the two German military pilots that lost their lives in tragic accident


Following the tragic accident that led to the death of two helicopter pilots in Mali, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Hungary expresses shock on the announcement. In a condolence message, the ministry acknowledged that these pilots like their colleagues have not only served to achieve peace but also to sacrifice their live on the cause of doing so.

“It was with shock that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade heard of the tragic accident in Mali in which two helicopter pilots from the German army lost their lives. Similarly to their colleagues, who are part of the UN Mission in Mali, the soldiers served every day in the interests of peace, and have now sacrificed their lives for this cause,” the release submitted.

The release from the ministry further noted that the Hungarian government is not relenting in the advocacy and the implementation of peace building commitments. Adding that the lost of the pilot is a blow in times like this.

“The Hungarian Government, which itself is doing its utmost with responsibility and within its capabilities to take part in international efforts aimed at establishing peace and security, shares in the grief of the German people in these difficult hours.

“We take this opportunity to assure the families of the victims of our most sincere condolences, and to wish them strength and comfort.”










Reporter: Ridwan A Olayiwola

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