War veterans in Zimbabwe seek for immediate arrest of Grace Mugabe


The police must by now have arrested Grace Mugabe for urging the President to name his successor – Victor Matemadanda, secretary general of Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veteran’s Association (ZNLWA).

A few days earlier, Grace Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s first lady was reported for the first time urging her husband, President Robert Mugabe to name his desired successor, for the members to line behind one person.

Urging the president to name a successor has not only been said by Grace, different people have also been coming out occasionally advising the president over the issue. But, whoever has ever mentioned it to the president has been arrested, or faced the law in one way or the other.

War Veterans executive members were arrested last year, after they released a communiqué breaking their ties with President Mugabe calling on him to name a successor and step down.

Addressing journalists on Friday, Matemadanda, the ZNLWA secretary general said that the angry freedom fighters hoped that Grace would be nabbed and arrested just as they were treated last year.

“If the application of the law is uniform, one or two scenarios should have happened by now,” the ZNLWA Secretary General said.

“The first lady should be arrested for her statement, or, the expulsion and the suspensions of the provincial youths’ chairpersons and ourselves should be declared null and void,” he added.

“Grace Mugabe has committed the same offence we committed. Though, unlike ourselves because we have a stake, the first lady’s offence is from an unknown base. The only stake she has is being married to the president.”

“We have been waiting to hear that dockets have been opened and that the riot police have gone to the state house to arrest the person that committed the same crime as ours, and that we were arrested for.

The secretary general said that gone are those days when Mugabe used to solely decide which direction the country has to follow.

“Grace should stop dreaming,” he added, “the final word on Zimbabwe doesn’t come from her husband. If Grace is not dealt with, we will storm the ZANU-PF party and they would rather kill us. We are going to fix things in ZANU-PF, we have reached the point of no return,” said Matemadanda.











Reporter: Shamilah Namuddu

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