Both Christians and Hindus protest against muslim hate crimes in India


In order to resolve and further strengthen peace in India, Indian citizens all over the country decided to take part in the #NotInMyName demonstrations which took part in multiple cities all over the country in mid-July. Reports confirmed that Large crowds gathered in 12 Indian cities after Saba Dewan, a documentary filmmaker based in Gurgaon, called for a peaceful protest. Also, in Delhi, the venue was Jantar Mantar. Protests also took place in major metropolises like Kolkata and Mumbai. This is a way to protest against muslim hate crimes in the country.

Further more, this huge protests all over India is about Muslim violence. Both Christians and Hindus took part in this protest to protect the lives of Muslims in India. The event was held to protest against increasing incidences of lynchings, where the principal victims were Muslims. Also, the protests also included rallying against caste-centric and communal violence.

Reports confirmed that the protests came after a Muslim teen was beaten to death during an Islamophobic attack in the Northern Indian state of Haryana. However, the death of the teenager is the latest in a number of violent mob attacks which seems to take place all over India. Many allege that the nation’s minorities, comprising Christians, Muslims, and lower cases, are constantly being targeted. Protesters say they are angry by the way the central government is not responding in this matter.

Many of the protesters informed the media that Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister, has not spoken a word about the issue. The chief minister of Haryana, where the incident happened, spoke about the incident. Delhi saw the protesters gather in hundreds in front of a stage to view others recite poetry. They also heard the anguish of the victims’ family members.

One of the hate crime incidents was the Muslim residents of a Gujarat village in March that was reported to have suffered an angry mob attack which came from a neighboring village. Also in April, a Rajasthani Muslim farmer was attacked by a mob and subsequently beaten to death when he bought a cow for his milk requirements. After this, two Muslim youths were killed in Assam in May on suspicion of stealing cows.

In reaction to this hate crimes, many protesters hold the opinion that the state governments and central government are complicit in the violence against minorities in India. They want the government to come to their aid to put a stop to the deadly act. Records state that in the last 3yrs, 172 hate crimeu attacks, 578 jawans and 877 civilians killed.

One protester at the Delhi venue confirmed that the environment at present is an abnormal one, as evidenced by all such incidents. He said that hardline Hindu fanatics target everyone wearing a skullcap and have a beard. It is automatically assumed that the person is a terrorist. He said the act of identifying religious appearance to terrorism is uncalled for and should be urgently resolved and corrected.

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