UN Mission deploys temporary operating bases at strategic locations to create safe environment in Bangassou


Tuesday, 2nd of August, during a press conference at the UN Headquarters, in New York, Mr Dujarrice informed delegates of the conference about the recent activities of their colleagues at the UN Mission in the central African Republic.

This is contained in a press release from the Office of the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General. According to Mr Dujarrice, armed fighters are being removed from the Bangassou as the area as been a violence region, displacing residents and killing some officials.

“Our colleagues at the UN Mission in the Central African Republic tell us that they started an operation this week to remove armed fighters from Bangassou,” he announced.

“As you know,” he added, “Bangassou was the epicentre of inter-ethnic violence during the last couple of weeks, which resulted in the displacement of over 2,000 civilians and the killing of three UN peacekeepers.”

Mr Dujarrice confirmed that the UN Mission has called for temporary operating base at some areas to arrest the situation.

“The UN Mission has deployed temporary operating bases at strategic locations in the town and is conducting robust patrols to re-establish security and create a safe environment for internally displaced persons to return to their homes.

“The Mission had also reinforced its presence in Bangassou last week with troops from Bangladesh and Gabon.”

Meanwhile, the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany – Windhoek, has announced the coming of the German Week 2017 which is billed to be in Namibia. It is disclosed that many facets of German culture and German-Namibian cooperation will be on showcase throughout Namibia in September-October.

According to the press release, the German Weeks 2017, the German Embassy Windhoek, the Goethe Institute and various other “Team Germany” partners are organizing a range of cultural and other events illustrating German-Namibian relations.












Reporter: Ridwan A Olayiwola

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