Makkah grand mosque Imam warns against politicizing Hajj


Imam of the Makkah Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia Sheikh Dr. Saleh Bin Abdullah bin Humaid urged on Friday that all efforts are being spent to stop the Hajj pilgrimage from being politicized stating that it is a holy tour for neutral minds.

During the sermon on Friday to thousands of pilgrims visiting the Grand Mosque from all over the world, bin Humaid reiterated that engaging in political activities, seriously compromises the noble and high religious sanctity attached to the Hajj pilgrimage. The Imam also commended the Kingdom’s stand on the issue as unmatched.

In addition, he stated that Saudi Arabia strictly forbids politicizing pilgrimage rites with activities linked to ideologies, parties, sects, schools of thought and propaganda to gain an advantage over some issue, or even using it as an advantage for pilgrimage.

Similarly, Sheikh Bin Humaid said the Kingdom does not allow for holy sites to become a political platform exploited, diverting the pilgrims’ attention from their main goal. Muslims seek to spend all their time and effort in worshiping Almighty Allah and carrying out their Hajj rites with devotion and sincerity of purpose during Hajj season and so should not be misdirected.

He further explained that politicizing Hajj rites will not bring any good to the Muslim nation– which is already suffering from discord and differences. The Kingdom is entrusted with providing all services to the pilgrims and caring for them and so should not end up saving the opportunity for political acts.

To further point out the reasons for pilgrimage, he said:
” Saudi Arabia is tasked with taking strict and firm measures to safeguard the security of the country, people, citizens, expatriates, Hajj and Umrah pilgrims and visitors. National security and that of the holy sites do not open up the chances for anything to cloud this spiritual atmosphere, harms the public interest or causes disrespect to the general sensibilities of Muslims.”

Bin Humaid added that Saudi government is responsible for the care of everybody and working hard to perform its duties:

“The responsibility of providing best possible services and placing facilities at the pilgrims’ disposal have been divinely entrusted on the Saudi government and its people and they are doing their best to perform this task diligently and sincerely.”

Also, Sheikh bin Humaid reiterated that the Kingdom adopts a constant and unwavering policy. He further urge everyone to stay away from politicization and focus mainly on the purpose of the pilgrimage which is to seek for God’s mercies and protection.

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