President Faure joins the rest of the world to congratulate President Paul Kagame on his reelection into office


Through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Seychelles, President Faure has sent his congratulatory message to the reelected Rwandan President following the victory recorded at the pool.

After the announcement of the winner of the Rwanda’s General election, President Danny Faure has reportedly sent a congratulatory message on behalf of the Government and people of the Republic of Seychelles.

In His message, as reported, President Faure extended his heartfelt congratulations and described President Kagame’s landslide victory as a sign of faith that the Rwandan people have placed in his leadership and vision for the continued progress of the country. He prayed for the continued development of the land, beseeching that unity and social stability to reign.

“Under your tenure, Rwanda will continue to develop, maintain national unity and social stability.”

President Faure discloses his wish to further work with the Government of Rwanda with the hope of addressing key challenges to be surmounted towards the development of Africa.

“I look forward in working with you to strengthen our ties of friendship and solidarity and I look to future with hope that together we can address key challenges of common interest which we face as African states, for the betterment of peoples and continent.”























Correspondent: Ridwan A Olayiwola

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