President Zuma survives the “secret” no confidence vote


On Tuesday, the parliament in South Africa gathered in a secret no confidence vote, which was aimed at voting President Jacob Zuma out of the office.

The opposition parties had great belief that the governing African National Congress (ANC) MPs would side with them and vote Zuma out of the office since the voting was done secretly, but they were let down.

Julius Malema, the EFF opposition leader was so reported saying that “If the African National Congress MPs vote for Zuma, they cease to be honorable members and become fellow criminals with Zuma.”

However, after the secret voting, the votes were immediately counted and President Jacob Zuma survived once again.

According to the reports, this is the eighth time Zuma is surviving the no confidence vote, though this is the first time the voting has been done secretly.

The news for victory was received with cheers, singing and dancing by the ANC MPs, and zuma supporters. Mr. Zuma then spoke to his supporters, thanking them for their support and the members in the parliament, who had voted correctly.

“They believed they could use technicalities in the parliament to take over the majority from the ANC members, it is impossible: they cannot, we represent the majority,” President Zuma told the assembled crowd.

Mr. Zuma has found himself embroiled in a number of scandals since he took power in 2009.

He has been in scandals of using taxpayer money for upgrades on his private home, becoming too close to the Gupta family, which is said to be trying to influence the politician’s decisions, he has been in some reports of rape among others.

Though president Zuma has again survived the no confidence vote, the opposition vows not to halt with their plans of bringing him down.

As of yesterday, Julius Malema, an opposition member was reported saying that, “He (meaning Zuma) will never have a peaceful sleep. He will only sleep peacefully if he resigns and goes to Nkandla to look after his cattle,” he said.












Reporter: Shamilah Namuddu

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