Human rights group reacts to President Duterte’s threat statement, slams back to disapprove


President Duterte’s statement ordering the Police to shoot whoever will not be conform to regulations around justice have been disproved by Human Rights group. According to a report on The Guardian News, the group stated that Rodrigo Duterte must ‘retract his reprehensible remarks.’

It will be recalled that the president was quoted to have authorized the police to manage injustice with violence. According to him, in his instruction to the Police, he had directed thus: ‘If they are obstructing justice, you shoot them…’

It thus became really nauseating for the Human Rights group, following the raid and killings of about 32 persons, especially with the President acknowledgement of the police with his further instruction: ‘let’s kill another 32 every day. Maybe we can reduce what ails this country.’

According to The Guardian News, the New York-based advocacy group has outrageously ‘denounced’ this reprehensible directive ‘by the Philippine president. The group underscored the need for the President to ‘immediately withdraw his statement or be investigated for possibly instigating or inciting violence against Philippine rights advocates.’

Phelim Kine, the body’s deputy Asia director, submitted thus: the President’s provocative statement ‘is like painting a target on the backs of courageous people working to protect the rights and upholding the dignity of all Filipinos.

He, the President must ‘retract his reprehensible remarks immediately before there is more blood on his hands.’

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