UK supports victims of Sierra Leone landslide with provision of clean water, food and medicine


As part of efforts to help Sierra Leone out of the current mess of the recent landslide that wrecked the land, UK, according to reports reaching from the department for international development, ‘is stepping up with new emergency support that will provide clean water, food and medicines to assist people in the communities worst affected by the devastating floods and mudslide.’

As in the tradition of the United Kingdom in areas of humanitarian services, it has been confirmed that a sizable number of people will be helped with food and health utilities. According to the report, UNICEF will provide clean water and essential medicines for 5,000 people. This provision will also include counselling of about 1,500 children

In addition, ‘a group of NGOs, led by Oxfam, will aid the cause by providing clean water and sanitation facilities for 3,000 people. These facilities are expected to help to stop the spread of deadly diseases such as cholera.

Furthermore, the department for international development has disclosed that UK charity Street Child will also come on board with supports around the provision of clothing and bedding for 3,000 children.All together, emergency funding will continue in order to meet needs on ground as they evolve.

Speaking on the situation, International Development Secretary Priti Patel highlighted how Britain and UK have been identifying with Sierra Leone right from the time of the Ebola crises, reinstating their zeal and commitment to see the country through the “devastating event.”

“This tragedy comes shortly after the Ebola crisis which Sierra Leone has worked so hard to recover from. Britain was at the forefront in tackling that deadly disease and we remain shoulder to shoulder with Sierra Leone today after these devastating events.

“The UK was among the first to respond to this emergency, with personnel at the scene within just hours of the landslide to help co-ordinate the emergency response. Our new support will provide basic life-saving supplies like food, water, shelter and clothing to people who have lost everything. The international community must follow our lead and step up to the plate.

“Through our existing programmes in Sierra Leone, we are making sure hospitals are stocked with critical drugs. UK aid is also supporting disaster response experts from the World Health Organisation to reduce the risk of the spread of disease.”












Reporter: Ridwan A Olayiwola

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