Prof. Yemi Osinbajo links poor security to poor economy, says corruption and security are interconnected.


NIGERIA- Speaking at the at the National Economic Council, NEC, National Security Retreat, at the Banquet Hall of The State House, Abuja, on the 17th of August, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo has linked buoyancy of the economy to the state of security. He noted that the state of security goes a long way in attracting investors which will thereby double up the scope of job development.

“Without guaranteeing security, we will struggle to attract the kind of investments, domestic or foreign, needed to create jobs and prosperity for our people.” He noted however that scarcity of these jobs can lead to an increase in crimes. “…when those jobs are hard to find and keep, our people will naturally be more susceptible to the lure of criminal activity.  He therefore concluded that “…governments that are serious about fighting crime ought to be extremely serious about fighting poverty.”

Following his mention of government’s effort in ensuring a stable economy, he highlighted how corruption could fuel insecurity. Corruption and Security, according to him, ‘are …interconnected.’ He seized the opportunity to narrate the ordeal that the country was in some years back.

“We are all witnesses to how, only a few years ago, much of North Eastern Nigeria was at risk to falling completely into the hands of Boko Haram, largely because widespread corruption in the military had robbed our troops of the resources and morale needed to fight and defeat the terrorists.”

Against this background, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo disclosed that policing must be put to effect in order to record the true change as thought and talked about. I stated in clear terms that the Buhari Administration is all and about seeing this to fruition. In his closing remarks, he warned against hate speech, noting that all religious leaders and political affiliates must join in the condemnation of the act.

“We expect that this will be a fundamental change in the way that policing is carried out in our country and that it will yield the kinds of results that we expect. The Buhari administration has already set a pattern of engagement and collaboration with Governors, and we are committed to maintaining this atmosphere of frank engagement. I call on all business, religious and political leaders, whatever your political leaning, your religion or tribe or faith to condemn in the strongest possible terms at all times, hate speech.”












Correspondent: Ridwan A Olayiwola



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