Citizens criticize Palestinian authority on their humanitarian donation out of Gaza  


Recently, the Palestinian Authority is faced with ‘sharp criticism from online activists and social media users after it sent pharmaceutical aid to Venezuela while Palestinians in Gaza are suffering from a shortage in medical supplies and electricity as well as salary cuts.’ This extravagant display of generosity according to many is sheer hypocrisy.

Middle East Monitor reports that ‘Palestinian activists strongly criticised the PA, accusing it of contradicting itself by sending aid to a country located thousands of miles away from occupied Palestinian territory at the same time as contributing towards the suffering of its own people in Gaza, which is located only 83 kilometres away from the West Bank.’ According to the critics, it was really the least expected and show of misplaced priority.

It should be recalled that there are records of salary slash and a looming debt on the head of PA. How they manage to amass a substantial remained a mystery.

According to the press, the dispatch of (pharmaceutical supplies to Venezuela) was supervised by Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad Al-Maliki and Health Minister Jawad Awaad.’ This supervision and their relative hands in the deal cost the duo to fall in the eye of their people.

Al-Maliki however ‘said in a press statement that the Palestinian aid “came in response to a call made by the Venezuelan government due to the difficult circumstances that the country is going through”. This, according to him endeared the government to consider lending a hand.

Al-Maliki added in the press statement that ‘his government – under the supervision of President Mahmoud Abbas – wants to return the favour to the Venezuelan people as their country has made donations to Palestine over the years, such as establishing the Hugo Chavez ophthalmologist hospital in the West Bank’ of the country.


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