Ghanaian and Nigerian scientists meet to tackle health issues


Ghana and Nigerian scientists recently came together to formulate medical policies that will be beneficial to the public. The programme tagged “scientific communication workshop” took place between 23rd-25th of August, 2017 at Planiterium Accra, Ghana.

The objectives of the forum is to educate and communicate to people research results and the techniques involved. Also strategies on policy formulations were also met. These policies are basically to help create awareness on health issues and possible solve some reoccurrence problems. This will no doubt enhance the development of the health sector of both countries.

Speaking with a scientist, Dr. Bakare who is also a participant. She said the forum decided to use the public as their source of policy implementation by communicating to them the causes and solutions to some health issue that often reoccur:
” the people are great tools for policy implementaion. Also they can enforce the government to implement some policy if they are well educated about the benefits and safety measures.”

The healthcare sector is one of the most essential human requirements, and its disbursement should be addressed with the requisite sensitivity to prevent loss of life and decrease in human capital. This is why it is very important for medical research results to be communicated mutually to the public for prevention of reoccurrence.

One of the participants explained that the workshop exposed how important it is for every medical research results to be communicated to the public as it will help guide them from contacting some diseases that could have been avoided and also proffer possible solutions to an existing illness of any member of the public.

Africa remains among the continents in the world still suffering from some health issues ignorance despite its rich natural resources, available labor force and expansive land for development. Unlike other developed continents, Africa, and especially in the sub-Saharan region, there are still major problems in the access of the knowledge of some health issues. This is the area where the scientific communication workshop is set to tackle.

The programme concluded by conducting practical activities. The scientists met with people to educate them about some research results especially those directly related to them. Part of the focus were drug safety and waste management which could help prevent illness and ensure good health.

Scientific communication workshop has helped to train some scientists in Nigeria and Ghana on how scientific term should be broken down for easy understanding of the general public. It has also helped to train scientists on the proper means to communicate medical research results to the public for safety precaution.

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