Up drive in Madagascar on the improvement of agriculture in Africa



As part of efforts to improve agriculture in Africa, it has been reported that the AU-ECA-AfDB Land Policy Initiative (LPI) in partnership with the government of Madagascar organised a workshop on Thursday, 31st of August, to validate the Country Report and Business Plan on Mainstreaming Land Governance in the National Agricultural Investment Plan of the Comprehensive Africa Agricultural Development Programme (NAIP/CAADP).

According to the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), the project is part of a cross country pilot being implemented by the LPI with support from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the European Union (EU). This partnership is expected ‘to facilitate the implementation of the AU Agenda on land which is being executed by the Ministry of Lands and the Ministry of Agriculture,’ UNECA reports.

During the workshop, Mr. Randrianaritiana Pierrot Serge, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry under the Presidency in Charge of Agriculture and Livestock, thanked the Land Policy Initiative for considering Madagascar as part of the pilot countries for the projects.

“The government is committed to successful implementation of the project, including the business plan.” Mr Serge further indicated that the project has already enhanced the collaboration between the Ministries responsible for Lands and Agriculture, and other stakeholders in the country towards implementing the AU Agenda on Land in Africa.

While speaking at the function, Ms. Joan Kagwanja, Coordinator, LPI thanked the ministries of agriculture and land for spearheading the implementation of the pilot project for mainstreaming land governance in the CAADP/NAIP.

“Madagascar was selected as one of the countries for this important project because the challenges faced are representative of those of many other countries on the continent. In addition, Madagascar has had longstanding efforts in land reforms –hence it is useful to draw lessons that can benefit other countries.”

However, Kagwanja further noted that being in the initial stages of the CAADP implementation, Madagascar stands to learn from other countries like Rwanda, Malawi and Tanzania, which are at a more advanced stage in this regard. She therefore thanked IFAD for supporting the LPI since its inception and in this six pilot country project in particular, noting that complementary support would also be drawn from the EU and GIZ grants to support monitoring and evaluation, as well as capacity development.



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