African Women Lawyers Association organises forum on prevention of child and women molestations


Children and women molestation in the world is on the increase as many suffer from different sorts of abuses. Some of these victims of circumstance end up losing their lives to such. In order to prevent the occurence of these abuses, African Women Lawyers Association has urged Nigerians to prevent child molestation in order to avoid the huge cost of providing structures that will protect victims.

Reports confirmed that the group hosted a forum tagged ‘preventing child molestation and protective measures for victims’. This forum brought together royal fathers, officials of the Nigerian police force, psychologists and officials of the state domestic and sexual violence response team. These prominent personalities came together to brainstorm on how to eradicate child abuses in the country.

However, speakers at the event revealed that the success of this effort on child abuse lies on an effective collective effort between stakeholders. It was assured on the basis that if collective effort is excellently done, the level at which child and women are molested will consequently reduce.

AWLA operates a mentoring scheme to assist black women in the law with career development. It also shares ideas, knowledge and resources, refer businesses, provide a supportive environment and opportunities for women to network and build up contacts. However, the association represent Black Women Lawyers at working parties, national and international conferences. It has been confirmed that the association work closely with other professional groups like Peace December Nigeria and women’s organisations to further achieve its goals.

In addition, AWLA has great objectives such as; promoting African women lawyer’s interests in the legal professions, actively oppose discrimination against African women lawyers, articulating and representing the views of African women lawyers. It also seek to articulate and promote the professional education of practitioners, legal workers and students, enable women of African and Caribbean descent to come together to support each other, develop themselves and their careers and mentor other women who wish to enter the legal Profession

Further more, AWLA seeks to be the essential international network helping to promote the potential and success of African women lawyers at every stage of their careers. It also seeks to be the essential international network helping to promote the potential and success of African women lawyers at every stage of their careers.

Nigerian children and women stand a great chance to benefit from the recently concluded forum organised by AWLA. The African women lawyers are ready to tackle and prevent children and women molestation in Africa. This initiation has received huge commendations from Africans as they await more innovations that will further prevent child and women molestations in the continent.

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