“Eye for an eye”- Tehran warns Washington


TEHRAN – Iran tested atomic missile that covered the range of 2000 kilometers in the answer when President of United States cancelled the Nuclear agreement, according to state news report, although the exact date was not mentioned.

Some of official stated, “We damn care that United States is superpower. It is a right time to knock them out from Asia.”

Ballistic missile was telecast live on national television during experiment, but actual place had not mentioned then.

During Friday army exhibition, it was shown publicly; however it was launched by the scientists in January, but officially tested ON September 25, 2017.

It is stated that Iran declared nuclear weapon on that moment when President of United States criticized Iran’s Nuclear program during his speech in General Assembly of United Nations. He stated, “We will finish all the atomic agreements with Iran.”

Earlier this year, he called Iran as “extremist and terrorist state.”

In a reply of Mr. Trump, President of Iran Hassan Rohani said, “Iran has right to increase his nuclear power, for that reason we launched new Ballistic atomic missile,” he added, “It must be acknowledged that earlier in January, as we prepared new missile, Washington starts accusing us.”

“What is America doing in Asia, their states are facing ethic cleavage, instead of focusing on their business, they plunge into other’s matters,” he continued, “I think their state needs their support as compared to us.”

Washington stated, “Iran disobeys the agreement which has been signed in 2015, that’s why we cut diplomatic ties with Iran. Saudi Arabia and its allies also support us.

“Iran wants to use his power after finishing the deadline of agreement.”

However, Iran denied that accused allegation by stating that self-defense would be our initial right.














Reporter: Syeda Faiza Bukhari

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