Crackdown against Serial rapists who disguises themselves as Hindu religious preacher kicks off in India


Utar Pradesh: On the complaint of 18 years old police arrested Hindu religious preacher Baba Siya  Ram Das on September 29th , 2017 who was allegedly raped  that innocent girls for 8 months.

The young girl told police, “I was raped every night for eight months,”-18 years old girl said, her eyes rained, “I was sexually harassed, and he raped me on serial occasions.”

The police said, “Baba confined the girl illegally for over 8 months.”

“The girl is orphan and is sold by her relatives for $500; she was initially taken to the Lucknow and then to Mashrikh-based asharam where she was raped by him.”

The girl told that the Hindu preacher made her MMS and blackmailed her that if she refused to fulfill his sexual desire, he would upload her videos on social media.

Today when Baba again raped her she got hold of his mobile phone and called the police to ashram.

The victim told police that Baba owns a girl school, he not only rape the girls but also supply girls to the politicians and bureaucrats.

However, the accuser denied all allegations against him, and he claimed that he never saw the victim in the past.









Reporter: Syeda Faiza Bukhari

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