Russia builds the biggest natural gas power plant in Pakistan, Russ-Pak relations strengthened


Moscow: Russia built the biggest natural gas power plant in Pakistan. According to some of Russian officials, an agreement had been approved and going to be signed October 4, 2017 for the regional economical development.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahid Khankan Abbasi called a chair cabinet meeting in that regard.

It has been noted that recently Pakistan and Russia signed joint oil and gas drilling project.

Council General of Pakistan said, “Russia has enhanced economic cooperation with Pakistan.”

Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov said, “The forthcoming Intergovernmental Commission explores a concrete measurement to enhance trade, investment and energy connectivity between Russia and Pakistan.”

It has been approved from both sides that initiative between two countries agreed on Cooperation for Construction of 600 MW Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant at Jamshoro, Pakistan.

Furthermore, recently Russia has planned to construct the $2 billion gas pipeline in Pakistan.

No doubt, Pakistan’s economy is flourishing by leaps and bounds, Mr. Lavrov added, “Russia desires to strengthen ties with Pakistan. Live long Pak-Russ Friendship.”












Reporter: Syeda Faiza Bukhari

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